Saturday, 8 December 2018

Blossom media to host Humanity First conclave promoting Interfaith harmony

Blossom Media will host Humanity first conclave to promote interfaith harmony followed by an award program tittled ‘Mumbai Heroes’ to honour and appreciate the social activist from various religion for their work and efforts towards social welfare.

The Indian constitution promotes the concept of religious harmony. It gives every Indian citizen the right to choose and practice any religion. Majority of Indian religious leader call and propagate for religious harmony. To cement this further, Mumbai Based Blossom Media Pvt Ltd will host couple of events during conclave titled Humanity First on 3rd of February 2019 at NSCI Worli to promote and propogate communal harmony message. 

In order to make conclave bigger and reach of harmony message on a large scale from 2nd January 2019 onwards Blossom will start Social harmony message competition and nomination of Mumbai heroes award for individuals who work for the benefit of society without any discrimination. The final event and prize distribution will happen on the day of the conclave.

Under the conclave there will be discussion on the topic’ serving humanity the base of religion’ by religious scholars representing major religion of the world regarding the importance of tolerance and understanding between people of different faith and religion.  

Case study on importance of serving human, without any discrimination.

The conclave will co-host Mumbai Heroes award distribution ceremony to honour and celebrate people, from different faith, who do social welfare work for the betterment of the humanity and society in general without discriminating on basis of caste, creed, religion and belief. The conclave will be free for people of all the faith