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Most of the Islamic scholars and pious Muslims of the early generation of Islam were not financially well to do. They did not have beautiful house and were neither the owner of the luxurious resource, yet despite this they led fruitful lives, and they benefitted the mankind, not by some miracles but because they used all that they were given and spent their time in correct way. They used their time, talent and ability and carved a niche for themselves. They managed to make mountains of what they were blessed with thus benefitting themselves and the society.

Here are the list of luminaries from our Islamic heritage who have shone despite each being challenged by various disadvantages

Ataa bin Rabah was a world – renowned scholar of his time. He was not only a freed slave and a snub nosed but he was also paralyzed.

Al-Ahnaf bin Qays was famous amongst the arabs fro his singular level of patience. He achieved that fame despite being emaciated, humpbacked, with crooked legs and a fragile frame.
Al- A’mash was among the most famous scholars of hadith in his time. He had a bad eyesight.
Infact every Prophet was at one time or another a shepherd. Dawood (AS) was a blacksmith, Zakariah (AS) was a carpenter, Idrees (AS) a tailor; and yet they were the best of the mankind.

Therefore the biggest asset is the ability one possess, good deeds, manners and contribution to society.


The word isolation and seclusion have a special meaning in our religion: to stay away from evil and its perpetrators, and to keep those who are foolish at a distance. When you seclude yourself from evil in this manner, you will have an opportunity to reflect, to think, to graze in the meadows of enlightenment.
When you isolate yourself from the things that divert you from allah’s obedience, you are giving yourself a dose of medicine, one that the doctors of heart have found to be the most potent cure. When you seclude yourself from evil and idleness, your brain is stimulated into action. The results are increase in faith, repentance and remembrance of Allah the most merciful.

Now, the brain, heart, subconscious mind all are in sync with the love and remembrance of Allah.
Have a goal, a goal which is pure and for the benefit of yourself and whole mankind. Invoke Allah with sheer determination and faith, because as you think about Allah, Allah treats you in the same manner.
Ask Allah to guide and grant you from his bounty.... invoke me (and ask me for anything), I will responds to your invocation (Qur’an – 40:60)

If you are feeling weak, in pain and falling short of achieving a task or a goal, remember Allah, call out His name and ask Him for help. Cling to his door have good thoughts about him, and wait for His help – you will then find true happiness and success.

Look around and you will find people who have bestowed with wealth, children and all forms of the blessings, yet these blessings have been the very reason for their misery and ruin. They deviated from their inborn instincts. Look at those who have obtained degrees from the world renowned universities, and yet they are paragons of obscurity. Their talent and ability remained unused. Meanwhile, others who are limited in the scope of their knowledge have managed to make mountains of what they have been given which benefited themselves, their acquaintance and the society in large.

Allah, the lord of the world provides for the worm, the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea...”And it is he who feeds and is not fed “ (6:14)
Humans are much better than birds, worm and fish. Don’t you ever worry for sustenance,
Just strive in best and pure form. Search for the medium or business which is permissible for earnings so as to. Please Allah
Whoever obey’s Allah, He will love him and provides sustenance for him : “ Verily, Allah is all provider” – Qur’an – 51:58

Wealthy people simply because of their distance from Allah, ignoring to submit to Him have been stricken with poverty, sickness and anxiety and the poor who remembered Allah and always called Him for help and support. They find rest, peace, serenity for “Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.” – Quran – 13:28)

Ask Allah for the increase in knowledge, wisdom, and sustenance. Think positive about His help and mercy strive for the livelihood.

See what you will master, which even the super rich will not have with them.

Courtesy – (Don’t be sad by Shaikh Aidh Al- Qarni)

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